Currently, the New Zealand Education system is failing Māori in almost every measure of educational progression. A significant part of the problem is the lack of cultural competence of the non-Māori majority teacher workforce. Given the projections of increasing Māori and Pacifica student populations, there is a compelling need to address the paucity of resources to assist well-meaning teachers to develop cultural competence in te reo and tikanga Māori. To help address this need, members of the research team have developed a suit of resources (the Hikairo book series) to provide timely and mana-enhancing strategies for teachers to assess and develop their competence and to integrate kaupapa Māori into an iterative cycle of action, reflection and revision of practice. The ultimate goal is greater student participation, engagement and achievement for all and in particular for ākonga Māori. This project has the following goals:

  1. To explore the impact that the Hikairo series of books (and other relevant resources) are having across the profession.
  2. To produce a peer reviewed journal article for academics and practitioners.
  3. To produce a framework for a book of exemplars of practice to help support teachers, EC centres, schools, kura to advance kaupapa Māori in mainstream education.
Project commenced:
Project completed